Some choker love..

Dress: THAVIA from FashionValet; Bag: KLUTCHED from Shoes Shoes Shoes

The first time the choker fashion was IN, I was probably in my early geeky teens. I remember wearing my denim skirt with a t-shirt and my black choker. In my mind, I was super fashionable (think Cindy Crawford at her peak #berangan) but in reality, I was the geeky kid with her glasses and short hair, trying VERY hard to look cool! #siscuba

I am definitely late to the choker game this time around, but I’m definitely milking the last mile it has to offer! This dress in particular, I feel has a lot more to offer than just riding the choker trend. The flow, cut and even the colour of this THAVIA dress which I got from  is just timeless classic – just the way I love it. Paired it with an old classic clutched of mine from KLUTCHED .


Zaida emoji_lips


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