Gaya Koleksi Raya 2017: Alia Bastamam

When everyone is trying to outdo each other’s design (just way too complicated for me at times), Alia Bastamam remains true to her identity as a brand and designer. The simplicity in her design is what makes her unique. Each piece flows flawlessly, the colours are perfectly matched and the cut is suitable for women of all sizes.

There were a few looks which was paired with pants and in fact, I saw a number of designers going for this look for Raya this year. As much as I would love to wear pants and be oh, so comfortable, I don’t think my parents are ready for that! LOL

If I could describe this collection in one sentence – Just take my money!

Anyway, here’s the collection.


Zaida lipstick

This revamp version of Alia’s signature wrap top is my ULTIMATE favourite. NEED.TO.HAVE. IT! 


You can never go wrong with this signature wrap



The combination of these 2 colours is pure perfection


Recreating the traditional kebaya look, and she nailed it!


Off-shoulder for Raya? Why not!



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